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The Boy From Reactor 4 Teams Up With Chernobyl Children International

My novel should reflect exhaustive research into the Chornobyl disaster. I've strived to treat it and the people it affected with the utmost of respect. But that is not enough. A writer is an entrepreneur. A book is a venture. In the case of The Boy From Reactor 4, I would like my interests to be aligned with the children of Chornobyl. Hence my pursuit of a suitable charity, and my commitment to share the book's profits.

I am fortunate to have found Chernobyl Children International. This organization sends volunteer surgery teams to Ukraine to help children with illnesses caused by the radiation fallout from the 1986 nuclear disaster. They fund 3-6 such missions to Ukraine each year, but like all charities, they have been hit hard by the economy.

I have donated 50% of my royalties from The Boy From Reactor 4 and 25% percent of my royalties from The Boy Who Stole From the Dead during their first months of publication, and 10% of my subsequent royalties from these books to CCI. I will also donate 25% of my royalties from The Boy Who Glowed in the Dark during its first month of publication. I will continue these donations through December 31, 2014. CCI funds volunteer surgical missions to Ukraine to help victims of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster and save children's lives. The people of Ukraine and Chornobyl helped inspire this series and this is an opportunity for me to show my appreciation.

Thank you for considering my work.


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