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The Altar Girl
Available May 1st!
Long before she met the boy from
reactor 4, Nadia Tesla was:

The Altar Girl

"Like his protagonist Nadia in The Altar Girl, Stelmach keeps all his promises. I read it in two sittings. As the pages flew by, I marveled at the plot intricacies and character depth."
   —David L. Robbins, author of The Devil's Waters and The Empty Quarter

"This harrowing prequel to the Nadia Tesla series . . . is fascinating."
   —Publishers Weekly

The daughter of uncompromising Ukrainian immigrants, Nadia was raised to respect guts, grit, and tradition. When the events around the seemingly accidental death of her estranged godfather don't add up, Nadia is determined to discover the truth—even if she attracts the attention of dangerous men intent on finding out what she knows through any means possible.

Her investigation leads her to her hometown and to the people least likely to welcome her back: her family.

In this thrilling prequel to the Nadia Tesla series, Nadia must try to solve the mystery surrounding her godfather's death—and his life. The answers to her questions are buried with the secrets of her youth and in post-World War II refugee camps. What Nadia learns will change her life forever.

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Thomas & Mercer paperback, May 2015, ISBN: 978-1477827970
Thomas & Mercer e-Book, May 2015, ASIN: B00O4FK88Q

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